Sponsoring Holloway Chew, Kean Ho

Financially support HollowayKeanHo for improving more open-source technologies.

Why Sponsor

So why should you sponsor Holloway at the first place?

Free Things Aren't Free

Those open-source software and data you enjoyed most from consulting or recommendations from Holloway? They aren't financially free. Most of the time, Holloway has to foot the bills entirely on his own and this is not sustainable.

Keeping His Open Source Journey Focused

By having an external financial support earned through his open-source network and users like you, he can concentrate more on improving the product and service qualities or build something new. At the moment, he would need to work on another paid job in order to foot the bills.

Simple Way to Give Back

In exchange for your financial sponsorship, Holloway can place your desired marketing space on those projects he's currently control. It's a win-win deal. Terms and conditions and lawful binding of course.

Take It From Others

Don't just take his words here; Checks out what others says about him: Insanely hardworking, proactive, very determined, consistent, very knowledgable, reponsible, not afraid of trying new things, and goal-oriented person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both are available with different perks. Monthly sponsorship enjoys a value assurance compared to 1-time sponsorship.

The crediting spacing gets transferred to its newly improved project or a hall-of-fame as last resort. Your contributions shall not be forgotten.

Not at the moment. We practice 'past sponsor' by default. If you're an active sponsor, you get a different title (e.g. 'active sponsors').

As long as law-binding and terms and conditions applied. Example those that can't are gambling, escorts and sexually promotiong, human right abuses, misled, false-advertising, and etc.

GitHub, YouTube, ORCID, ResearchGate, and Zenodo. Private projects remain private of course.

General T&C and the product's specific terms and conditions you're sponsoring on.

Lower commission fees. This means more gain on Holloway's side. We will constantly review more payment options that favors us.

Nope. Holloway is selling you a (usually permanent) marketing space. Not only Holloway has to manage your sponsor avatar on applicable projects, he has to track and maintain them. It's an exchange of services.